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OUTLET Front Facing WoodU Bookshelf

OUTLET Front Facing WoodU Bookshelf

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For most children, what draws their interest to a book are the images and pictures on the cover, but when stored on a traditional bookshelf that oh-so-important part of the book is hidden. Front-facing bookshelves display the cover of the book - the part that draws children in and helps them recognize their favorite books.

In a traditional book shelf you just see the spines. Kids can find the books but it’s more work for them, particularly for children who do not show a natural interest in books.

Better to have fewer books and rotate them once a week or when you notice they aren’t showing as much interest in kids.

Woodu bookshelf is:

- OPEN: children are able to easily access all their books. What is more - you can simple open the shelf and have access to the back panel.
- SAFE, SOLID, STABLE: Infant can use the shelve to pull to standing - the shelf holds the child’s weight. There are no visible conectors or
- SIMPLE IN DESIGN: Minimalist and beautiful, made up of natural materials, compatible with other WoodU shelves
- LONG LASTING: Can be used right through toddlerhood and even for preschoolers.
- ANGELED SHELVES 8°: The shelves hold the books in place so they don’t fall forward.
- There is a back panel so books don’t slide down the back of the shelf.
- Flat-packed - easy for you to transport and assembly at home
- Made in POLAND from easy to clean 18 mm melamine birch plywood.

This unique wooden shelf is a great organizer for living room, bedroom, kindergartens, study, etc.
It's ideal to display your favorite books.


Height: 46.06 " | 117 cm
Width: CUSTOM:
47.2"| 120 cm
39.37"| 100 cm
31.5"| 80 cm
The bottom depth: 16.61" | 42,2 cm
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